Gulworthy Parish Hall, Gulworthy, Tavistock, Devon PL19 8JA
Facilities and Resources for the Local Community, Gulworthy, Morwellham, Newbridge, Mill Hill and Tavistock
Facilities and Resources for the Local Community:
Gulworthy, Morwellham, Newbridge, Mill Hill and Tavistock
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Gulworthy Parish history

The History of Gulworthy Parish

History of Gulworthy Parish Hall

In 1895 subscriptions were collected from Gulworthy Parishioners for the erection of a Parish Room totalling 50 with some of the farmers helping with the carting of the materials for free.  The then Duke of Bedford gave the site, stone and a sum of 180 and at a later date a further 15 to equip the Room.  Other furniture and benches were brought up from the Mission Room at Hartshole.  The Parish Room was completed in 1897 at a total cost of 320 and commemorated Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

In 1915 the Parish Room was handed over to an Independent Body of Trustees by Deed of Perpetuity to be responsible for the upkeep and running of the Room.

In 1928 the Duke of Bedford gave 220 towards a building fund for an extension and new drainage system to the Hall and this was completed in 1929.

During the Second World War before the D-Day Landings the 101st Fighting Brigade from America were billeted to Gulworthy and they used the old tin hut outside the Parish Room.  They used the stage in the hall, which they folded back, as target practice - the bullets from their guns can still be seen embedded in the wood.

In the late 1970's the Parish Room Committee brought a piece of land from the Autistic School (the Old Vicarage) to build an extension to incorporate a committee room and inside toilets which was completed in 1981;  an opening ceremony was organised together with a Bazaar.

In 1992 the Parish Room Trustees and Management Committee approached the Charity Commission with regards to changing the name from Gulworthy Parish Room to Gulworthy Hall.  The Charity Commission wrote back in February 1993 to confirm that it would now be known as 'Gulworthy Parish Hall'.

In 1997 Gulworthy Parish Hall celebrated its Centenary (100 years) with a grand opening ceremony performed by Mr John Gillett (click here to read John's speech) with the ribbon being cut by Mrs Muriel Symons.  There was a Bazzaar and a dance followed in the evening.  St Pauls Church also held a Flower Festival at the same time to celebrate our 100 years.

In 2008 with the roof in desperate need of repair the committee decided that we needed to raise funds for a major modernisation of the hall to incorporate the roof, kitchen, small extension and general updating of the interior.

Currently in 2012 we have moved/modernised the kitchen and the re-roofing together with small extension are work in progress.  There are plans to improve the toilet facilities and provide better storage space for Gulworthy Primary School, etc., etc.



"Gulworthy... A Crossroads in Time" is a collection of memories and pictures from people of the parish, spanning a period of time from when it was one of the most important mining areas in the world to the recent past.

The words and photographs vividly illustrate the changes to agriculture and the way of life in Devon during the last century.

Many of the family names mentioned in it are still to be found in the area today.

Available for purchase from Gulworthy WI


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Gulworthy Parish Hall, Gulworthy, Tavistock, Devon PL19 8JA
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